SMS Development Centre grand opening
15 June 2017
SMS House, Technology Drive, Beeston, Nottingham

SMS – SMART MADE SIMPLE will host an event to celebrate the opening of their dedicated development centre, within their Nottingham based HQ on June 15th 2017, in collaboration with their equipment supplier Mycronic.

SMS strives to identify the right technologies, capabilities, capacities and flexibility required at the right time in the right product idea phase.

The event will take place from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon and during this event, an SMS Development Centre EMS customer will cut the ‘red ribbon’ to declare the Development Centre ‘open’ and watch as their first printed circuit board (PCB) is assembled in a fraction of the original time.


About the SMS Development Centre

The Development Services area is a department dedicated to supporting customers’ needs for prototype, rapid build and low volume manufacture. Functioning as a autonomous and dedicated area, with the flexibility to scale up to be able to tap into the resources of SMS manufacturing.

The development centre has grown significantly for SMS since its conception. To support this growth SMS have continued to invest in new technology and equipment. Their latest investment is part of a long term strategic plan, to introduce a new Mycronics Mydata assembly line for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

  • Mycronic – MY600 Jet Printer – State-of-Art Development
  • Mycronic – MY200X Placement.

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